Accident Book Online

The accident book always at hand - as an app on your smartphone

Overview of Features

Overview of Advantages

Intuitive use

Reduce paperwork

Guarantee data protection

Simple evaluations

Accident Book Online - Features in Detail

Record accidents and first aid measures

If an accident occurs, you can easily create an entry in the online accident book: Information about the person involved, as well as the time and place has to be provided. Then it continues with the accident details including the course of events, the injury and the cause. If there was a witness and/or a first aider, this is also entered in the application. In addition, measures for future prevention can be recorded and given a due date.

Record near misses

Analogous to the accident book entries, near misses can also be recorded. Of course, data such as the type of injury or first aid measures are omitted. Instead, a photo function is integrated. When recording a near miss, misunderstandings can thus be avoided and the description of the incident can be supplemented. In this way, clear evidence is provided to prove the risk of personal injury. If the employee’s account is unclear, the picture helps clarify the situation. The photo can be easily taken with the app or uploaded from the internal device memory.

Take preventive measures

Our digital accident book helps to record preventive measures and track their implementation. When an entry is made in the app, measures to prevent personal injury can be recorded directly. First, a description of the necessary steps is entered, as well as whether they can be implemented immediately. If this is not possible, a deadline for implementing the measure is set. In the overview of the entries, it is possible to see at a glance which measures have already been implemented and which have not. This ensures that all preventive measures are actually implemented.

Decentralized recording, centralized evaluation

The data of the accident book can be collected decentrally by each employee. Supervisors and authorized users automatically receive a notification when a new entry has been created. This is particularly advantageous for decentralized companies with many branches, subsidiaries or field staff. Both the branch office and the head office can be saved a lot of tedious typing and e-mail communication by the automatic transmission of the data.

PDF Export

So that the accident book can also be filed in paper form, there is the option to export it as a PDF and print it out.

An individual period or the entire accident book can be selected for export.

Advantages in Detail

Intuitive Use

The digital accident book is very intuitive to use, so even if you use it infrequently, you don’t need to get used to it. In addition, the accident book is always available, as every employee can have the app installed on their cell phone and thus always carries it with them. Consequently, even minor injuries are reliably recorded.

Effective accident prevention

When an accident or near miss is entered in the app, measures for the future prevention of such an incident can be specified. To achieve prompt implementation, they are given a due date. As a result, the company’s safety level increases progressively and lessons can be learned effectively from mistakes. The risk of future injury is greatly reduced in this way.

Guarantee data protection

Data protection with a regular accident book is not so easy. It cannot just lie around openly. Instead, it should be kept locked away and only made accessible to certain personnel. However, this comes with further problems, as the documentation hurdle is thus extremely high. The digital accident book circumvents this problem by means of a rights and roles concept. Each employee who installs the mobile application on his or her cell phone can only view his or her own entries. However, the management or employees with administrator rights have access to all data. In addition, other hierarchy levels can be defined, such as branch or department management, which in turn only have access rights to their own area of responsibility.

Reduce paperwork

Unreadable information is no longer a problem thanks to digital input: if the information is incomplete, the user can be asked for additions via smartphone. In order to be able to create analysis, it is no longer necessary to collect, decipher, digitize and evaluate dozens of accident books. The data is centrally stored and available to the administrator.

Analog vs. Digital

Paper based accident books are still widely used. But they have some disadvantages that are noticeable in many places:

  • Documentation of minor injuries is often not done
  • Entries are incomplete or unreadable
  • Accident books with years of accident history are lying around openly
  • Compiling the data is time-consuming and complicated.

Our digital accident book ensures that these problems are a thing of the past.

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